A delicious selection of appetizers.

Soup & Salads

A selection of deliciously fresh soups and salads.


A selection of delectable tempura items.


Choose from a variety of fresh sashimi items.


A selection of top quality seafood on top of small rice patties.

Temaki Cones

A selection of hand-rolled temaki cones.

Sushi Combos

A selection of delicious sushi combos.

Maki Rolls - Hoso Maki (Seaweed Outside)

A selection handmade maki rolls.

Maki Rolls - Ura Maki (Rice Outside)

Handmade ura maki rolls, with rice on the outside.
  • Special Rolls

    House-made specialty rolls.
  • Teriyaki

    All items are served with stir-fried vegetables, rice, and miso soup.

    Donburi Rice Bowls

    A selection of delicious donburi rice bowls.


    Pan-fried soba noodles with vegetables.

    Noodle Soups

    A delightful selection of noodle soups.

    Bento Boxes

    A selection of dinner boxes to suit any appetite.

    Party Trays

    A selection of delicious party trays, perfect for catering.


    A selection of refreshing beverages.